RMB Transfer

A solution tailor-made for Chinese businesses

Enjoy a preferential RMB settlement capped fee rate of 0.5% upon activation*.

Limited time offer: Now - Dec 31, 2024 (Beijing time)


An easy, fast, safe, compliant, and reliable way to settle payments in RMB 

Safe, compliant and hassle free

Safe, compliant and hassle free

From estimating the withdrawable amount to settling the funds in RMB in your domestic bank account, the entire process is completed within the PayPal payments ecosystem. Enjoy safe and compliant cross-border payments in simple steps.

Get RMB as fast as same day

Receive RMB as fast as in 4 hours1

Simply click "Withdraw Now" on the RMB Transfer page in your account. PayPal China will complete the rest of the processes as fast as within 4 hours1.

We put your data privacy first

We put your data privacy first

Your personal and business data are strictly protected by the PayPal ecosystem throughout the process without the need to share data with another payment company, saving you from information leakage risks.

Why RMB Transfer?See what our customers have to say

Kenny Zhou
Crystal Jewelry Seller
Donghai County
“It's much easier to withdraw funds. All steps are done within PayPal's platform. I don't need to go to the bank for currency exchange any more.“

Cissy Xu
Custom Dress Seller
“It used to take several days to receive the funds, and now it only takes 4 hours. I think RMB Transfer is the fastest product of its kind.”

Yang Zhang
RC Airplane Seller
“With RMB Transfer, I can withdraw funds all within the PayPal system without going through a third party. This avoids risks in the process.”


What is RMB Transfer?

  • RMB Transfer is an official cross-border RMB payment product by PayPal China. It helps merchants withdraw funds in their PayPal accounts and transfer them to their domestic bank accounts in RMB in an easy, fast, safe, compliant, and reliable way. You can easily apply for it within the PayPal payments ecosystem.

Can I still use the "Withdraw from PayPal" service after signing up for RMB Transfer?

  • Yes, all withdrawal methods provided by PayPal can still be used. You can receive funds via both methods after signing up for RMB Transfer.

How soon can I receive the results for identity verification (KYC/KYB)?

  • If the information you submit fully meets the requirements, we normally complete the review within two business days of receiving your information.

Can I link my personal bank account?

  • If you are a business user, you can link your company bank account or the bank card of your legal representative.If you are a personal account user, you can link your personal bank card.

How is my withdrawable balance calculated?

  • According to China's regulatory requirements, transactions with complete information and backed by real and legitimate underlying cross-border transactions are considered compliant. The system estimates your withdrawable balance based on your past PayPal account information and transaction records, and in accordance with the relevant requirements set by Chinese laws.
  • 1If a withdrawal request is submitted before 13:00 Beijing time, the funds should generally be credited into your bank account on the same day. Withdrawal requests submitted after 13:00 Beijing time will generally be deferred to the next business day for processing and settling.
  • *Please refer to Fee Center for more details.

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