List of Parties with Whom Personal Information May be Provided Outside of China

Below please find the details of transmitting personal information outside of China including the name and contact information of the major offshore data recipient, purpose of data export, transferred data and the method of exercising data subject rights against the offshore data recipient as of now.

Party Name

Contact Information


Data Disclosed*

Method of Exercising Data Subject Rights Against the Offshore Data Recipient

PayPal Inc.

(+86) 400-820-8811

To open an account for merchant

Merchant email address (encrypted with hash)

Please contact PayPal Payments (Beijing) Co., Ltd. through the methods disclosed in our privacy statement ( and we will help you to exercise data subject rights against PayPal Inc.

To provide eCommerce services

Merchant email address, merchant registered address, merchant phone number, merchant legal representative name

To handle buyer related dispute

Merchant name, merchant email address, merchant account number, details of payment transactions and proof of shipment

* To the extent the data is related to an identified or identifiable natural person in the People’s Republic of China.