Safe Online Transactions

Sell securely with peace of mind

We provide full compensation for eligible transactions against fraudulent activities so you can conduct your business with confidence.

We use 4 lines of defenses to create the full-scope safeguards

24/7 monitoring
We monitor every transaction 24/7 and protect your transactions with advanced encryption technology.
Fraud identification
Our team of security experts identifies suspicious activities, helping you to avoid falling victim to fraudulent transactions.
Safety technology
Advanced encryption technology protects every transaction as well as all relevant information and data against the risk of data leaks.
Dispute resolution
When a problem arises with your transaction, we will investigate the issue and work with you towards a resolution.

We provide a seller protection more than 4 lines of defenses

payment protection

Safeguard your transactions

We protect eligible transactions from fraudulent claims, allowing you to sell with peace of mind.

Risk reduction

We protect you against unauthorized payments, as well as fraudulent claims and chargebacks.

Protect your rights

Our Seller Protection enables you to grow your business confidently instead of worrying about revenue lost or time wasted.

Learn the service process of Seller Protection with just 3 steps
  1. 01.

    Freezing of funds temporarily

    If a buyer files a claim, refund or chargeback request, we will temporarily freeze the relevant funds.
  2. 02.

    Request for supporting documents

    We will carry out investigations and verification based on your proof of shipment or proof of delivery.
  3. 03.

    Receiving of funds

    Once we have confirmed that your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection, the relevant funds will be released.