List of Third Parties (other than Customers) with Whom Personal Information May be Shared

Below please find the details of our data sharing with another personal information processor including the name of personal information processor, the purpose of data sharing, and the disclosed personal information as of now. Depending on our products that you choose to use, the following scenarios of personal information sharing will apply partially or entirely.

Party Name

Contact Information


Data Disclosed*

China Union Pay

(+86) 021-68401888

For payment processing and settlement in China

ID card type and number, name of legal representative, name and phone number of primary authorization user

NetsUnion Clearing Corporation

For payment processing and settlement in China

Name of the bank account holder, name of the bank, bank account number and transaction amount processed via this bank account

China Union Pay

(+86) 021-68401888

For payment processing in China

Name of the payment card holder, payment card number, information associated with the transaction via this payment card (such as transaction amount, buyer’s name and order ID)

Bank of China (Guangzhou Tianhe Branch)

(+86) 020-37162031

For processing cross-border RMB transactions in China

Basic information (such as name, ID type and ID number, address, name of contact, contact phone number), orders and logistics information related to cross-border RMB transactions (such as name of goods/services, order type, amount, quantity, logistics company/logistics tracking number), information relating to cross-border RMB repatriation transactions (such as payer and payee’s name, address, account number, issuing bank number, issuing bank name)

* To the extent the data is related to an identified or identifiable natural person in the People’s Republic of China.